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Can you get there by a car?

Unfortunately there is no road to Ylläskammi. You can easily get there by a gondola lift that runs from Ylläsjärvi Ski Resort, Ylläsjärvi in summer and winter seasons.

If you are downhill skiing, you can reach the restaurant also by T-bar lifts: Huippu T-bar from the Ylläsjärvi side and Kuru T-bar from Äkäslompolo slopes. Snowmobile route runs next to Ylläskammi.

In summer, Ylläskammi can be reached also along summer routes, both on foot and by bike.

Tip! You can bring a bike to the Yllästunturi Peak by gondola lift, and continue to the summer mtb-routes after Ylläskammi delicacies!

When restaurant Ylläskammi is open?

You can check updated opening hours on the top bar of the site. Ylläskammi is usually open when the gondola lift or Huippu T-bar is open. We typically open half an hour after the lifts open, and we close 15 minutes before the lifts. Kitchen closes 30 minutes before the closing time. If the lifts are not open for example due to hard wind or storm, we are closed too.

How do you get to work?

We travel by snowmobile, quad bike or gondola lift, depending on the season and work shift. Sometimes on summer season someone might come to work by bike.

Can I book a table?

On daytime, we do not usually book tables. If you have a big group: please, contact us so we can guarantee you a smooth service. Dinners at Ylläskammi are private events, and you can make reservations: or +358405447743.

Where do the summer routes go?

The summer route in the direction of Äkäslompolo starts in front of the upper station of the gondola next to the snow fence. This route goes to Äkäslompolo along the service road. The route is aimed at cyclists and walkers, and the distance to Y1 is approx. 3.5 km. If you wish, you can deviate from this route approx. 1.5 km to the route going in the direction of Tuomikuru and Ylläsjärvi.

The most direct summer route to Ylläsjärvi starts from behind Ylläskammi and goes along the slope called Harrinrinne. The route to Ylläsjärvi is intended for walkers and this route is also steeper.

In the direction of Ylläskammi, the summer route from the Ylläsjärvi side starts between the chair lift and the children's area. The route goes up along the dirt road. The summer route from the Äkäslompolo side starts from Y1 and goes along the service road to the top of Ylläs fell.


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Where are the sauna facilities located and how do you get there?

The sauna facilities are located next to the top station of the gondola. You can easily get to the sauna with the gondola lift.

What should I bring to the sauna?

Towels are included in the price of private sauna, so you need a swimsuit and your own hygiene items. Especially in winter, it's good to bring a beanie or other ear-protecting hat for relaxing in jacuzzi. During open sauna shifts, the towel is not included in the price, so you can bring your own or rent a towel from us for an additional fee.

Are the gondola tickets included in the price of the sauna?

The gondola tickets must be purchased separately at Ylläs Ski Resort, Ylläsjärvi ticket office. Sauna users can get a discount on the one-time gondola ticket by asking.

Is the outdoor jacuzzi allowed for children?

The outdoor jacuzzi is also allowed for children, but children must use it under the supervision of adults. The temperature of water is around 37 degrees.

Can I book the sauna gondola for two persons?

Yes, you can. However, the price of the sauna gondola package is always €1,500, and the price includes 3 rounds on the sauna gondola. The sauna gondola can be used by 4 people in one round. If the group size is larger, you can book several rounds at an additional price.

Can the sauna gondola be booked during the day?

The sauna gondola cannot run while the gondola lift is open to the public, as running the sauna gondola requires slower speed and stopping the lift.


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How can I book Ylläskammi dinner?

You can book Ylläskammi dinner by emailing or by calling +358405447743. At the moment, we do not organize so-called open dinners. Ylläskammi's dinner is a private event.

Where does the dinner transport leave from?

Snowcat picks up guests in front of Ylläs Ski Resort, Ylläsjärvi Children's area, unless otherwise agreed.

How many passengers can fit in your snowcat cabin?

12 people at a time.


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How many hot drinks I can get with my kuksa?

With one kuksa, you get one free coffee, cocoa or tea per visit.

Do I have to pay the annual fee?

The kuksa is paid only once. The current entrepreneur is committed to maintaining the kuksa tradition.

How many kuksas are currently hanging on Ylläskammi's walls?

There are little less than 400 kuksas.

How long has Ylläskammi’s kuksas been collected?

The first kuksas came to Ylläskammi in 2001, and they were owned by the ski center's employees. The following year, the kuksa places were put up for public sale at the request of Ylläskammi's guests.