Restaurant Gondol is a family restaurant that serves the tastiest waffles on the fell. Gondol restaurant is situated next to the wonderful scenery at the top of Yllästunturi, at the upper station of the gondola lift.

The selection includes salmon soup and chicken basket, favourites of visitors to the summit, as well as many other delicacies. You can also get tasty donuts and hot chocolates from Restaurant Gondol to satisfy your sweet tooth. From the waffle menu, you can choose a savory or sweet waffle according to your taste. Taste the melt-in-the-mouth Reindeer Waffle and the crunchy Rocky Road Waffle for dessert!


Sweet waffles

Jam & Whipped Cream 8,50 €

- Choose strawberry jam, cloudberry jam, apple jam or caramel sauce

- Ice cream +2 €

Rocky Road 12 €

- Marhsmallows, ice cream, chocolate, nuts, cookie crubmle and caramel sauce

Apple 11 €

- Apple jam, ice cream, cookie crubmle and caramel sauce

Savory waffles

Salmon waffle 18,5€

- Smoked salmon, salmon mousse, onion

Reindeer waffle 12,5€

- Reindeer, reindeer mousse, onion, pickles

Texmex-härkis waffle 12,50€

-Texmex fava bean mousse, onion, pickles

Gluten free waffle +2 €


Fries with chicken 15,50 €

Fries with sausage 15,50 €

Cheese Snacks & Lentil Waves 15,50 €

Gondolin Schnitzel 19 €

French fries 8,50 €


Gondol restaurant is situated at the upper station of the gondola lift in the same hall where the gondola cars are driven to shelter for the night. In the evening, the restaurant's kitchen and furniture are protected, because the gondola cars bring in snow, which "rains down like water". The gondola cars are placed so low in the hall that only the shortest of us can walk directly under them. Therefore, the Gondola restaurant is only opened when the gondola lift is running.